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Yom Sheini, 26 Tishri 5775
  • photo by Larry Novik
  • photo by Larry Novik
  • photo by Larry Novik
  • Softball game Annual Picnic
  • Annual Picnic

Welcome to Temple Sinai

Welcome to Temple Sinai’s website! We hope you find it helpful, whether you are a member of the synagogue or just visiting.

Temple Sinai is a vibrant and welcoming Reform synagogue located in historic downtown Saratoga Springs. We have about 210 families and individual members who come from diverse backgrounds in Jewish practice and traditions.

Our unpretentious and egalitarian community includes interfaith families, families from the LGBT community, young families and seniors. Our members are committed to the study of torah, as well as tikkun olam, tzedakah, and miztvot.

We are particularly proud of our thriving Religious School, which has about 135 students. More than 90 percent of our b’nai mitzvah students remain enrolled in our confirmation program through high school.

Our charismatic rabbis, Linda Motzkin and Jonathan Rubenstein, are a married couple who have served Temple Sinai since their 1986 ordination. Their depth of Jewish knowledge and devotion to torah and mitzvot, their ability and willingness to minister to Jews of all backgrounds and traditions, and their commitment to tikkun olam have made them a beloved and respected part of Temple Sinai and the Saratoga Springs community.

Temple Sinai is committed to the mitzvah of Ahavat ger (loving the stranger) for those not yet connected or integrated into our congregation, as well as Keruv (drawing near all who are far) for the newest temple member to lifelong congregants.


  • High Holy Day Service Schedule 5775/2014

    Rosh Hashanah

    Wednesday, September 24

    • 8pm (at Bernhard Theater, Skidmore College)

    Thursday, September 25 (at Bernhard Theater, Skidmore College)

    • 10am - Morning Service

    • 10am - Children's Service (meet at Bernhard Theater)

    • 4:30pm - Tashlich ceremony (at Congress Park)

    Friday, September 26

    • 10am - Morning service (at Temple Sinai) 


    Shabbat Shuvah (at Temple Sinai)

    509 Broadway, Saratoga Springs

    Friday, September 26, 6pm (earlier than usual)

    Saturday, September 27, 10:30am



    Yom Kippur (at Bernhard Theater, Skidmore College)

    Friday, October 3, 8pm - Kol Nidre

    Saturday, October 4

    • 10am - Morning service

    • 10am - Children's Program

    • Following services - Walk in Skidmore North Woods; Discussion group

    • 4pm - Afternoon, Yizkor (memorial), and Neilah (closing) services, followed by break-fast

  • Temple Sinai E-Mail Addresses Simplified

    In an effort to simplify and streamline our email communications, Temple Sinai has created a number of easy-to-remember email addresses for communicating with the office and staff of the synagogue. The new addresses are now live and should be used immediately. Please discontinue using our old email addresses right away.


    Following is a list of our new addresses:

    Temple Sinai office -

    Religious School -

    Treasurer Jack Schoen -

    Rabbi Jonathan -

    Rabbi Linda -

    President Phyllis Wang -

    Temple Sinai Board of Trustees -

    Temple Sinai bookkeeper -

    Temple Sinai Library -

    Tablet –

    V’Nishma Initiative –


Upcoming Events


Oct-20-2014 9:30am - 10:30am
Eenie Meenie Music Class


7:00pm Oct-20-2014 - 8:30pm Oct-20-2014
ADULT ED: Intimate Conversations w/ Rabbi Anna Sugarman


Oct-21-2014 9:30am - 10:30am
Eenie Meenie Music Class


Oct-22-2014 5:00pm - 6:00pm
Adult Ed Mtg


6:30pm Oct-22-2014 - 8:00pm Oct-22-2014
Hebrew/BBM Class

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